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Meet Dr. Ingrid Buckley


“FGCU met all of my goals. Not only does it have a software engineering program, it integrates cybersecurity into the curriculum as well. It equally emphasizes teaching and research. It have strong community support and involvement. It’s just a great balance.”


Born to a family of educators, Dr. Ingrid Buckley has always loved learning. She also likes a challenge. Part of the reason she chose cybersecurity as her area of specialization in the first place was because there weren’t many women in the field at the time. So when it came time to look for another job, she wanted it to inspire her in every way—from research and teaching to community involvement and career development.

Having earned her Ph.D. in Florida, she decided to look for work in the state’s sunny southwest. When she looked into FGCU, it hit every item on her wish list. It was a young and progressive institution. It balanced teaching and research. There was a strong connection between the community and the university. And the benefits and career development opportunities were great.

But what really excited Ingrid is when she looked into the Software Engineering Department. Not only does it have a rare and difficult-to-earn ABET accreditation, but it also has a well-developed, cutting-edge cybersecurity curriculum. With the cost of cybercrime projected to average $6 trillion per year through 2021, the research and education FGCU does in that field can have a profound impact on the global economy.

So, really, FGCU delivered everything Ingrid wanted in her career. Doing it all can be a challenge, however. Fortunately, Ingrid likes a good challenge. “No matter where you are, you always need more time to research,” she says. “At FGCU, it’s just a matter of balancing things. When summer comes, I devote more of my time to research. It’s worth the effort, though. I feel I can serve, assist, be of value and develop my skills here. It’s the perfect match for me.”